Aliza Grant | Senior | Alto | Chicago, Il

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Aliza Grant has been singing since the womb. Bringing some much needed height to the alto section at a whopping 5 foot 11, Aliza’s jazzy voice will tower over you and subsequently knock you off your feet. And now that she’s conquered her fear of singing in front of the always large Jewish a cappella crowds in the Maryland suburbs, Aliza is more than ready to show off her skills to her entire hometown of Chi-CAH-go when the group goes on tour this spring!




Zoe Eisenberg | Senior | President | Alto | Baltimore, MD


Zoe is a senior from Baltimore, Maryland. She is currently undecided but is in the works towards creating her own major. When not singing, Zoe can be found usually eating, eating… and eating. Other than that, she enjoys traveling, obsessing over Israel, saying Baruch Hashem, and eating.  Zoe is SUPER excited to be a part of the Kol Sasson family and is looking forward to swoon over magical arrangements.



Leeza Malachevsky | Senior | Alto | Ellicott City, Maryland

13891992_10208981443546667_4673254690163624491_nLeeza is one of the most unique kids around. She loves Jesse McCartney, she runs without anywhere to go, and has this weird obsession with cats. And of course, she’s got the pipes of an angel. When she’s not in the gym or in the practice room, you can find Leeza out Engineering the world! Next year Leeza starts her venture out into the real world as a Project Engineer in San Francisco!



Leah Schatz | Senior | Soprano | Elkins Park, PA


This old soul has ventured here from the far off, brotherly, loverly, city of Philadelphia. As a senior education major, Leah aspires to one day be a fourth grade teacher, which is, although admittedly oddly specific, her dream. She can often be found singing Jewish choir music, or reenacting Disney movies in Hebrew. Leah is so excited to be apart of Kol Sasson, just thinking about it gets her all verklempt! These wondrous folks have already become some of her favorite things, and she is so grateful to call them mishpacha.



Scott Kaplowitz | Junior | Musical Director | Tenor | Potomac,Maryland

10846430_856643531053039_4081916552454022362_nScott is a junior from Potomac, Maryland. He’s majoring in Linguistics, with a minor in Vocal Performance. When he’s not making awesome music with KS, Scott likes to compose, chill with friends, or talk people’s ears off about linguistics.  He was destined to join Kol Sasson because his Hebrew name is Chia Sasson.





Matt Jacobson | Junior | Tenor | Bethesda, Maryland

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Matthew Jacobson is a junior studying Government and Politics as well as Education.  His many passions and talents include music, sports, and wooing the ladies.   When he’s not singing, excelling in sport-like competition, or winning womens’ hearts, he likes to read a good book, spend time with his family, or cook. He’s got the voice of an angel, and is great to take home to the parents!






Tyler Chartash | Sophomore | Bass | Basking Ridge, NJ

IMG_8889 Tyler “tiger” Chartash most recently from a small town from the small state of New Jersey, but has lived in a variety of different . Tyler enjoys all sports and singing in and out of the shower. Even though he is a ginger, his low notes have a lot of soul. Rumor has it his high notes are pretty soulful too! He is definitely the most stylish of the group, coming to rehearsals in an ensemble of different outfits.





Sarah Hirsch | Sophomore | Musical Director| Soprano | Potomac, MD
Sarah Hirsch is a cutie from Potomac, MD. For years, her favorite pastime was dancing around her room, singing into a hairbrush. Now, she has put away the hairbrush and retired her stagnant solo career to join her new family, Kol Sasson! Sarah loves Rock and Roll, and is a proud Aquarius! At 5 foot 2, she is now the tallest member of the Sopranos.







Devin Cain | Sophomore | Tenor | Gaithersburg, MD













Rachel Spronz | Sophomore | Alto |













Chad Simon | Freshman | Bass | Chicago, Il














Sammy Turk Tolub | Freshman | Tenor | 













Rachel Slobodien | Freshman | Soprano |