Kol Sasson sings a a wide variety of music, from traditional Jewish music to modern Israeli and American Pop!


Here’s a list of our current repertoire:

Bei Mir Bist Du Shein

Original Artist: The Andrews Sisters

Arranged By: Scott Kaplowitz

Soloist: Aliza Grant, Leah Schatz, and Leeza Malachevsky

All Time Low/Two Rocking Chairs

Original Artist: Jon Bellion

Arranged By: Scott Kaplowitz

Soloist: Scott Kaplowitz and Leeza Malachevsky

Yofyafisa and Breakaway (Mashup)

Original Artist: Shalshelet and Kelly Clarkson

Arranged By: Mariel Berlin-Fischler

Soloists: Scott Kaplowitz and Rachel Slobodien

Shake it Out

Original Artist: Florence and the Machine

Arranged By: Will Friedman, Maxine Rich, and Daniel Esienberg

Soloist: Aliza Grant


Original Artist: Amy Winehouse

Arranged By: Leeza Malachevsky

Soloist: Zoe Eisenberg

Addicted to You

Original Artist: Avicii

Arranged By: Leeza Malachevsky

Soloist: Aliza Grant


Original Artist: Sam Smith ft. Disclosure

Arranged By: Scott Kaplowitz

Soloist: Choral Piece


Original Artist: Ella Henderson

Arranged by: Scott Kaplowitz

Soloist: Aliza Grant and Scott Kaplowitz


Original Artist: Gaya/Edward Shape and the Magnetic Zeroes

Arranged by: Dani Katz/Scott Kaplowitz

Soloist: Rachel Spronz and Scott Kaplowitz

The Way We Touch

Original Artist: We Are Twin

Arranged by: Scott Kaplowitz

Soloist: Zoe Eisenberg

Adayin Shelach

Original Artist: Avihu Shabat

Arranged by: Leeza Malachevsky

Soloist: Sammy Turk Tolub


Original Artist: Zusha

Arranged by: Leeza Malachevsky

Soloist: Chad Simon