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Welcome to Spring 2024 auditions! We are so excited to see you and want to make sure you feel prepared for auditions. Scroll down for FAQ :)

Auditions FAQ

When are auditions?

Feb 13 and 15 @ 7 PM. Feel free to come to whichever night works best for you!

How long are auditions?

Depends on the # of auditions but please bring snacks, water, and hw!

What happens after auditions?

We will let you know more the night of your audition.

Where are auditions?

Jimenez Hall. Kol Sasson will be in Room 0122 on Feb 13 and Room 0125 on Feb 15!

How many groups can I audition for?

As many as you like! There are 11 groups total.

What's the time commitment?

2 rehearsals a week + gigs! We adjust schedules for class.

How do I prepare?

Please prepare a verse and chorus of the song of your choice (not musical theater)

Do I have to be Jewish or speak Hebrew?

No! We accept singers from all different backgrounds :)

What if I beatbox?

Please prepare an additional 60-90-second beatboxing skills demo

If you have any more questions, please reach out to See you soon!

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