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Current Repertoire

Our music ranges from pop in English and Hebrew to traditional Jewish melodies, all arranged by members of Kol Sasson. With our rigorous song selection process every semester, we ensure that our pieces are always unique and exciting. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant and exciting sound or something more traditional, Kol Sasson has everything you need to satisfy your musical taste!


Our Current Pieces in English

Baby Why

Opb. Sarah Cothran

Arranged by: Aviel Taube, Sarah Blackman

Soloist: Sarah Blackman

Erase Me

Opb. Lizzy McAlpine and Jacob Collier

Arranged by: Ruthie Vogel, Jackson Diaz, Michael Chernak

Soloist: Olivia La Fiandra

Midnight Sky

Opb. Miley Cyrus

Arranged by: Keren Binyamin, Jason Kearney, Aviel Taube

Soloist: Aviel Taube


Opb. OneRepublic

Arranged by: Michael Chernak, Sadie Forman, Michael Schwartz

Soloist: Sadie Forman


Opb. Couch

Arranged by: Jason Kearney, Ruthie Vogel, Sarah Blackman, Jess Daninhirsch

Soloist: Sarah Blackman


Opb. Olly Murs

Arranged by: Jackson Diaz, Ally Sweiderk

Soloists: Jackson Diaz, Sarah Blackman


Our Current Pieces in Hebrew & Mashups

Al Ta'asi Mize Inyan

Opb. Guy & Yahel

Arranged by: Sarah Blackman, Jess Daninhirsch, Tekoa Sultan-Reisler

Soloist: Tekoa Sultan-Reisler

Bein Kodesh L'chol

Opb. Amir Dadon & Shuli Rand

Arranged by: Jason Kearney, Jess Daninhirsch

Soloists: Joel Rajakumar, Michael Chernak

Ma At Omeret

Opb. Nadav Guedj

Arranged by: Rebecca Ashkenazy, Yona Levitt, Aviel Taube, Jason Kearney, Jackson Diaz

Soloist: Jess Daninhirsch

Mitgaga'at/Love Me Again

Opb. Natan Goshen, John Newman

Arranged by: Jackson Diaz, Aviel Taube, Olivia La Fiandra, Tekoa Sultan-Reisler, Michael Chernak

Soloists: Tekoa Sultan-Reisler, Michael Chernak

Ochila La'kel

Opb. Yeshivat Kiriyat Shmona

Arranged by: Keren Binyamin, Olivia La Fiandra, Aviel Taube

Soloist: Aviel Taube

Shachor V'Lavan

Opb. Lee B.

Arranged by: Rebecca Ashkenazy, Ruthie Vogel, Michael Chernak

Soloist: Keren Binyamin

Past Repertiore

Our extensive discography boasts 10 studio albums – take a moment to scroll below and check them out! News about our 11th studio album coming soon...

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