Rebecca Ashkenazy

Junior • Alto • Musical Director

Rebecca is a Psychology major from Great Neck, NY. In her free time, she enjoys watching TV, quoting Rick and Morty, and reading about the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. She will shamelessly ask anyone she meets to take the test...  It may or may not be an obsession. She has also been told to be quiet numerous times when singing in the shower. That hasn't stopped her. 

Yona Levitt

Junior • Bass/Beatbox • Musical Director

Yona, standing slightly above average height, is a Psychology major and the Musical Director for Kol Sasson. When he’s not singing, beatboxing, or writing music, you can find Yona on the Jumbotron at the basketball games, decked out head to toe in UMD gear, paired along with his signature top hat. Fun fact: he is the fourth consecutive red headed bass that Kol Sasson has had since 2011. But most importantly...he is credited with the creation of the world famous dance move, the “Hype Train.”

Hannah Wandersman

Junior • Alto • President

Hannah is from Rockville, MD and is a Supply Chain Management and Marketing double major. In her free time, she enjoys creating playlists on Spotify, annoying all her friends by singing too much, and binge-watching Netflix. You can also find her watching soap cutting videos, eating lots of cheese sticks, and pretending she is a bass/beatboxer (a girl can dream).

Eli Rashti

Senior • Tenor

Eli is from Potomac, Maryland, and he is a Physiology and Neurobiology major. He is a total nerd and loves chemistry. Eli is enthusiastic and loves talking to people. When he's not studying, he spends his time in the gym, at home eating cereal, or singing. How shocking!

Keren Binyamin

Sophomore • Soprano • Social Media

Keren is from Columbia, MD and is a marketing and management double major. In her free time, she enjoys doing pro-Israel advocacy, spending time with her sorority sisters, and singing + playing ukulele. You can also find her eating anything cheesy in sight but of course never with meat!!

Micah Shenk-Evans

Senior • Bass/Beatbox • Business Manager

Micah is a Materials Science and Engineering Major from Cheverly, Maryland. In his spare time he enjoys playing a multitude of video games, as well as competing on UMD's collegiate paintball team. He also loves picking up quirky hobbies, so make sure to ask him about solving a Rubik's cube or stacking dice if you get the chance!

Allyson Sweiderk

Junior • Soprano • Fundraising

Allyson is a Computer Science major from Kent Island, MD with a love for all things music, Disney, and Broadway! She prides herself on reciting every line from The Phantom of the Opera and keeping her bullet journal overly organized. She loves learning new instruments, though piano remains her favorite and go-to tool for writing music. Allyson aspires to one day be a Disney Princess, so that she can spread magic to the young and young-at-heart, and to remind everyone that dreams can always come true!

Elyse Broder

Junior • Alto • Social Media

Elyse is a psychology major from Rochester, New York.  When not in Kol Sasson rehearsal, Elyse can be found jamming at the piano, petting any dog in sight, and spending time with her sorority sisters. She loves fried rice, Grey’s Anatomy and skiing.